Princess Pich was kidnapped again! But enough is enough!
She managed to fool a guard  and escape the prision cell!


  • Movement - wasd or arrow keys
  • Power - j, z
  • Attack - k, x
  • Jump - up arrow, l, c
  • Down Jump - s, down arrow
  • Esc - Pause menu

Drink special potions and gain powers!


  • drmargarido
  • psyspy

  Play the native version for the best experience, the web build may fail to restart the game and will have a lower framerate.


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MetroidPich_linux.tar.xz 55 MB 54 MB 54 MB 54 MB


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Did you guys make the music for this? If you did it's absolutely stellar; I would focus on music production and making a music based game.

The music is royalty free music from the website of Patrick the Arteaga. You can find the link to it in the game credits.


Nice efforts, friends. Keep up the good work!

thx! 😎